1/2-oz Amber Glass Bottles with Pump Sprayers (6-pack)

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Use these tiny ½ ounce pump sprayer bottles to store essential oil blends, perfumes, floral waters, and other homemade creations. They’re the perfect size for sharing with others or carrying your favorite creations around with you.

Use this set of colorful 1/2-oz amber glass bottles to store your favorite homemade beauty and health products. With six bottles in a pack, these bottles are the perfect size to share your homemade creations with family, friends, and clients. The amber glass keeps out harmful UV rays, keeping your creations fresh longer.

What’s Included: When you order this product, you get 6 amber 1/2-oz glass bottles. You also get pump sprayers and caps to fit the bottles.

Size: Bottles hold approximately ½ ounce of liquid.  

How to Use:

  1. To fill amber pump bottles with your desired liquid, first remove the cap by unscrewing it.  

  2. Add oils, water, perfumes, hand sanitizing sprays, or floral spritzes to the bottle. If you are using essential oils in your concoction, check out our selection of droppers and pipettes to make transfer easier.

  3. Screw the pump spray cap onto the bottle and enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to spray your favorite creations whenever you need them.

Helpful Hints: If you are using these bottles to share your homemade natural products with others, be sure to include a label so that others know what they are getting. Even if you are using them to store your own products, labeling them will ensure you don’t forget the contents of your bottles.

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