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Nail Polish Strips - White

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Eliminate the hassle of painted nails with these perfect-every-time nail polish strips. Easy to use and with a shiny, professional finish, these nail polish strips will end your days of smudges and chipping all while advertising your affiliation with Young Living.

Give yourself an instant and flawless manicure with these user-friendly nail polish strips. Just stick them onto your clean and buffed nails, file away the extra, and enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting manicure. These nail polish strips are made of real nail polish, but through ingenious design, they are temporarily stretchable so that you can smooth them out across your nail to achieve the perfect finish. Once they are smoothed onto your nail, they stay put and look and act just like professional nail polish. Choose from five stylish designs and colors to match all of your favorite outfits.  

What’s Included: When you order this item, you get 20 nail strips and an included nail buffer.

Size: Stickers to fit all sizes.

How to Use:

  1. For best results with your nail polish strips, first clean and buff nails and push back nail cuticles.

  2. When nails are clean, select the right size nail sticker to fit each of your nails.

  3. Pull the clear film gently off the top of the nail sticker, then gently off the bottom of the nail sticker. Hold onto the silver strip of the sticker.

  4. Holding the silver strip, match the rounded part of the sticker sticky-side-down to the rounded base of your nail.

  5. Press the rest of the sticker across the surface of your nail until you have a smooth, even-looking finish.

  6. Fold excess of strip under your nail and file it away with a nail file.

  7. To remove, simply use nail polish remover as you would with regular nail polish.

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