Nature's Remedies Bundle

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Our popular vintage product Nature’s Remedies has been a bestseller for a decade. This is the last chance to get this tool that’s chock-full of science, studies, and helpful oil information. The 3-ring binder contains the 7 booklets that answers questions that brand partners have about which oils help with particular ailments — and offers the science of why they are so helpful.
The Nature’s Remedies bundles contains: · Women’s Essentials (read, hormones) · Doctor Mom (read, all the little owies fixed with oils) · Quench the Fire Within (read, fix pain natural with oils) · Core Vigor & Vitality (read, addressing health concerns with oils) · Ideal Physique (read, optimize your weight with oils) · Optimize Your Mind, Master Your Emotions (oils and mind/emotions) · Men’s Essentials (read, virility)