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When you purchase the Save & Share Bundle, you’re getting FIVE copies of Naturally Pure Essentials. (That’s kind of a big deal.)

Here’s why:

  • It’s one of our more valuable, expensive publications, so 40% off is pretty cool.
  • We both know you can easily think of five people who NEED this information, which is why we compiled it all for you. (And because we love you.)
  • It was JUST released…like less-than-two-weeks-ago released. Trust us, it’s beautifully designed to impress anyone curious about Young Living essential oils and their wellness products.

And don’t forget about the snazzy, new “Diffuse the Day” calendar included in the bundle. (It’s also kind of a big deal.)

Here’s why:

  • Have you ever needed a new oil blend to diffuse every single day of the year? Well, that’s just crazy talk. Oh wait, we’re a little crazy. We covered that. The point is, we’ve packed in 365 blends for 365 days.
  • There's no specific year or days of the week identified, so you can use it year after year.
  • We’ve left an empty month at the end for you to write in your favorite blends as you power through the seasons.