YL Welcome Bag

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Warrior $7.97
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We want to help you save time & money! Let us help you revamp your customer welcome packet. 

Sending new customers a welcome gift is a great way to boost retention and future orders.


But, we know it can be time-consuming and expensive to buy everything and put it together.


That's why we created the new Customer Welcome Box! For only $7.97 per box for Wellness Warriors, you'll get everything you need, including a shipping box. Even at $11.50 for Regular Members, this is a time- and money-saving deal!

Here's what you get:


  • Quick Ref book
  • Singles + Blends stickers
  • 1-oz pump spray bottle
  • 5-ml roller ball bottle
  • Recipe card
  • Shipping box 
  • Shredded paper stuffing


Order one for your most recent customer or ten to keep on hand. You won't find a more affordable and cute customer welcome box option...


Welcome to customer welcome boxes made easy!